A Guide to Change Fog Light in 2007 Chrysler 300c

I am going to show my 300c for you. It has changed with a new grill, fog light and h4 led headlight bulbs. I brought the chrome grill blacked out joint on eBay.

A guide to change fog light in 2007 Chrysler 300c

I like it a lot just get me a 300 little sticker to go, we got to take the bumper off, it is very similar to the Dodge Charger basically the same car, different shells, same chassis. The first thing, you get a pry tool screwdriver, take out the four clips each wheel well, remove the panel and then there are some bolts back. Don’t forget to remove the two cover plates that just right off. You need to unscrew and then you go underneath the car and should be six or five screws underneath that you can unscrew, it is very simple just get a little dirty the bumper should be able to come off.

A Guide to Change Fog Light in 2007 Chrysler 300c

I wouldn’t recommend just laying it flat like this you can scratch it up but since this is my temporary v8. I don’t mind scratches, there’s a front and I’m also changing out the headlights got new ones and I got new fog lights to change with LEDs. This will look a lot better there’s the bumper, now I’m gonna take this off.

A Guide to Change Fog Light in 2007 Chrysler 300c

The side door trim removed looks a lot cleaner, got the car washed also got the new headlights, new black grille, new fog lights, looking clean, looking sharp just got to get the 300 stickers to put inside that center part of the circle and it’s solid. Let’s see how these LED lights look though LED lights to see if they are the best led headlights. Driving or not 6000k color, not too shabby that’s all one in the show, let’s turn the C’s out peace.

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