DIY Guide: Spyder LED Projector Headlight Installation on Chrysler 300C

Today we are going to install a projector headlight in the Chrysler 300c.

The Tools you will use:

7+10 millimeter Socket and Ratchet

Panel Popper



1) Start by removing the poor plastic retainers, securing the fender liner remove the 10-millimeter bolt hidden behind the liner;

2) Remove the three pcs of 10-millimeter bolts securing the fascia to the fender and the plastic retainer;

3) Remove the six pcs of 7-millimeter bolts securing the fascia Ephrem and the two pcs of seven-millimeter bolts on each side;

4) Remove the four plastic retainers along the edge of the hood, disconnect the side marker and fog light harnesses unseat and remove the front bumper fascia, remove the three 10 millimeter bolts securing the headlight;

5) Unseat the headlight, remove the turn signal socket, disconnect the high beam harness then disconnect the low beam harness and remove the headlight;

6)Locate your bi-led proejector headlight;

7)Connect the low beam harness, the high beam harness and reinstall the turn signal socket;

8)Seat the Spyder headlight, reinstall three ten millimeter bolts, reconnect the side marker and fog light harnesses, seat the bumper fascia;

9) Reinstall the four plastic retainers along the edge of the hood, reinstall the plastic retainer this secures the fascia, reinstall the 3 pcs of 10 millimeter bolts that secure the fascia to the fender;

10) Reinstall the 6 pcs of 7 millimeter bolts, securing the fascia from below;

11) Reinstall the 2 pcs of 10millimeter bolts securing the bottom corner on each side then just reinstall the four plastic retainers that secure the fender liner and you’re done;

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