Everything You Should Know When Replacing Headlight Bulbs

The first thing we should know is that there are different types of light bulbs for the car and that they are not interchangeable, because their sockets are different and their connections too. We must know what type of our car mounts (it specified in the user manual), H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13 led bulb… when we know the type of headlight bulb, we know it is a single beam or dual beams.

The next thing we should know about halogen bulbs is that the good one is expensive and cheap ones are usually bad. Most of the cheap bulbs on the market have a poor quality of the filament and the ampoule. The good ones are made of quartz and withstand the extremely high temperature reached by the incandescent filament. The cheap ones (made of finer glass and worse tungsten alloy) melt easily, lose their luster, and their glass darkens, losing much of the light emitted by the filament.

Headlight Bulbs

Currently, countless types of bulbs advertised with the most esoteric and pseudoscientific names, with words such as laser, plasma, ultra xenon, vision plus ultra repel it, come on. All that paraphernalia is nothing more than that a ruse. They are all halogen bulbs, no laser, no xenon, no plasma.

I do not recommend mounting bulbs with more power than those brought by the car from the factory. Normally, 55 or 60-watt bulbs originally installed. There are 100 W light bulbs, and these bulbs have higher performance. Still, they end up generating two dangerous problems: they produce more heat, which spoils the headlight’s optics and puts a lot of stress on the car’s electrical installation, which can end up causing a serious and very expensive fault to repair.


Maintenance is Necessary


Dirty headlights will produce more scatted lighting because the dirt on the cover glasses affects the optical of the headlights and produces scattered light that increases glare. According to experts, even a small amount of contamination is sufficient to achieve this additional glare effect. So you can have regular maintenance to your car headlight and make sure the headlight lens is clean.

Headlight Bulbs

Polishing the glass of the car headlight


Since the nineties of the last century, the glass of car headlights has ceased to be glass, and instead a plastic material used, usually polycarbonate. It is lighter and more transparent than glass, as well as being easier to mold to give it the complex shapes of the fronts of today’s vehicles. The problem is that this material suffers a lot from ultraviolet radiation, insects, and automatic bristle roller washes, which erode the protective surface layer.

If you see that the lenses of your car headlights are dull, scratched, or yellowish, you will have to polish them. You can do it yourself if you have some patience and skill, but a specialist does it, surely with better results than you can achieve and not much more expensive.

What do is sand the surface layer of the polycarbonate to make it uniform, then polish it to be perfectly transparent again, and finally, it covered with a special product that hardens its surface to withstand erosion and ultraviolet radiation better. The result is impressive, both aesthetically and in terms of lighting.

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