Some Things That Should Take in the Car

It is not because they are alarmists or anything like that, but we decided to make a list of all those things that we will use at some point while traveling in a vehicle. Regardless of the distance traveled, a series of accessories, tools, and basic elements that have to do with safety, comfort, and entertainment must never be lacking in a car.
The below is our list, do you think we were missing something?

road driving
1. An empty container with an airtight seal. It is useful to refill some fuel, in case of any eventuality
2. Spare tire. The idea is that it is in good condition
3. Cat
4. Cables to pass current. Here it is very important to have a manual or a video to know how they used
5. Driver’s manual. An essential item in the glove compartment
6. Tire pressure gauge. Charge your own gauge, it is even ideal for the user to regularly gauge tire pressure
7. Toolset. It must include basic tools, such as the hammer, screwdrivers, tweezers, set of cups, and “men only.”
8. Adhesive tape. Hopefully, the industrial type is ideal for solving temporary breakdowns
9. Jacket or “windbreaker.” If you suffer a breakdown in adverse weather conditions, you should stay warm in case you need to walk to get help or stay in your vehicle and wait for assistance
10. Bottles of drinking water

11. Non-perishable food. This list is a very useful recommendation when traveling with children or people with diabetes.
12. Reflective vest. It is essential to ensure that other motorists see you and even protect your integrity if you need to walk on dark roads, particularly in rural areas
13. Warning signs. Two reflective triangles are vital to put on each end, warning that the vehicle stopped
14. First aid kit. Most car accessory stores offer basic kits that include all essential products.
15. Sunglasses. They are not to look handsome, but to avoid blinding reflexes on the road
16. Swiss army knife or multiple tools. The versatility of this device value in many unforeseen situations.
17. Bayetilla or microfiber cloth. Ideally, please keep it clean to clean the glass and windshield.
18. Flashlight. Important, verify that the batteries charged.

19. Gloves. More than to protect yourself from the cold, this accessory is ideal for protecting your hands when handling tools.
20. Auxiliary cable. If the Bluetooth connection fails, this item will allow you to listen to music without problems.
21. Simple money. It is very useful to leave a money reserve inside the car, which is saving when you forget your wallet at home.
22. USB charger. Indispensable element to load the occupants’ equipment.
23. Umbrella
24. Disposable handkerchiefs
25. Mints. Your companion or your unexpected appointment will thank you.
26. Keep in mind that you must always carry the property card and the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT). Also, do not forget to bring the current driver’s license. Also, have at hand the number of the assistance of your all-risk insurance.
27. Corner and paper. Even in the digital age, the pen and paper can be useful, especially because they don’t need to be loaded.

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