The Guide to Change a Spare Tire on 2006 Chrysler 300

Today we are working with our 2006 Chrysler 300 and will show you how to replace a flat tire on your vehicle with a spare in an emergency situation. before performing this procedure, make sure the vehicle is on the flattest ground possible and that it is solid ground and not loose gravel or dirt, as this can be dangerous.

Changing the flat tire on the left rear of our vehicle so we’ll want to check the front if the front of our vehicle is facing downhill, open your trunk lift up the rear carpet, find the spare tire, remove our spare tire and check the condition.

Start lifting your jack up and then place it under the pinch weld, you can see there’s a cutout and look skirt. But that lines up get it engaged then use your tire iron to break all of your lug nuts, loose about one turn. Once your lug nuts are broken loose, use your tire iron to lift up the jack until your wheel is off the ground.

Finish removing your lug nuts, remove the wheel and tire from the vehicle. Install your spare then get all of your lug nuts on there as tight as you can by hand. Once those are on lower the weight of your vehicle back onto the tire, remove your jack and tighten all of your lug nuts down with the tire iron in a cross pattern.

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