What Do You Know About the Truths of Tire Retreading

Retreading involves removing the tread from worn tires to place a new one that allows them to remain useful. In any case, this process must meet the same quality levels as a new tire; when this done properly, the retreaded tire will offer the same technical conditions as a new product and allows it to extend its useful life from 3 to 4 years.

Many users do not know or do not have precision about the benefits offered by this alternative to extend the life of the tires. Therefore, by the hand of Bandag, Bridgestone business unit dedicated to the research and development of materials for the retreading or renewed, we will clear the main myths around this issue.

Myth 1 – The pieces of a band that are on the road are a product of the retreading

Such pieces are not derived from retreaded tires since they contain wire ropes from the carcass. The production process of the renewed of the most recognized manufacturers is certified and does not use steel ropes.

Myth 2 – The retreading offers low quality

When a renewed premium made and with all the technical protocol, it isn’t very easy to differentiate between a retreaded tire and a new one, since both must offer the same quality and performance.

tire retreading

Myth 3 – If the tread of a tire is in poor condition, the carcass is too.

If proper maintenance provided, a tire’s casing can serve much longer than the tread. Treadwear does not compromise the rest of the tire structure.

Myth 4 – Renewed tires are not safe

If the retreading is carried out by recognized and endorsed specialists, there is nothing to worry about; In these cases, highly technical processes used that guarantee their quality, durability, and performance.

Myth 5 – Mileage sacrificed with the retreading of a tire.

In the manufacture of the tread for renewal, specialists use rubber of the same quality as used in new tires so that a similar performance in terms of mileage obtained.

Myth 6 – Heat destroys retreaded tires

The retreading technology performed cold to preserve the structural properties of the casing and the pre-cured belt so that a tire retreaded with specialized and certified products does not run any risk.

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